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As we prepare for the big public launch, we're introducing an exciting tiered role system for our early adopters on Discord. There are 3 roles you can earn. Discord is our primary means of communication.
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By clicking “Join Discord” the User hereby confirms that the User:
(I) Must accept and agree to Paradex's Terms of Services before it can use Paradex's products and services;
(II) Is not a Restricted Person, as listed here.
Tier 1
OG Elite
This exclusive tier is already full and closed. Previous “OG” members will see their role upgrade to “OG Elite” 💪
Tier 2
Alpha Team
Fully claimed by those who joined our Discord server by EOD Jul 31.
Tier 3
Bravo Team
If you join our Discord server now, you will receive the "Bravo Team” role.